About Us

A   V i s u a l   P i c t u r e

We like to think we have one of the most rewarding jobs you could look for. It is about ‘making positive differences to enhance lives’.  

We have been asked to present a ‘visual picture’ of what it is we do. Looking at these two wonderful photos of students from Carlson School in Auckland – for us – expresses it all. The smiles and happiness at being a part of the world is exactly what we aim to do. Provide each person who needs help with the equipment and solutions that will allow them to participate,contribute and enjoy life to the very extent they can.

We are very lucky to have the support of a large number of companies from around the world who supply us with the latest and most up to date technologies. We can call on our suppliers to provide our people within New Zealand with solutions to make a difference. Some of these companies we have worked with for over 21 years.


picComputer systems provide access to the outside world via email and Internet. Many clients with physical disabilities are not able to use standard keyboard and mouse input devices. Our challenge is in finding the alternatives to these standards to give complete access to the computer, whether it be Text to Speech, Eye Tracking, Head Tracking, Word Prediction, or alternative keyboards or mice. We enjoy the challenge of looking for an alternative to meet a solution that challenges us all. Tell us what the client needs – let us find an alternative.

Using your voice to participate or state your needs is taken for granted by most of us. For our clients with limited or no speech finding a suitable communication device to enable them to participate is essential. The needs of each individual are different and may continue to change as they grow and develop or perhaps as they get older require more support as they lose the ability to speak.

O u r
   W o r k

Our work
is multi-faceted:

  • Software from the very low end specialist needs through to sourcing mainstream curriculum support
  • Alternative input access – sourcing the specific adapted input device which gives the client the alternative computer IT input system through to the ergo rests to make it all work
  • Toys from cause and effect to elementary communication systems
  • Visual and sensory devices to provide auditory, tactile and visual stimulation
  • Communication devices to support the beginning starts into communication to the very high end communication user
  • Computer systems and IT accessories as a nationwide IT computer company we source and support HP, Lenovo, Toshiba and Acer. Computers, monitors, touch screens,printers, carry bags and the wider range of IT accessories
  • Training and support are essential as this ensures the equipment is best used for the clients needs. We support nationwide all the equipment we supply. Let us knowhow we can best help you
  • Evaluation library lets the assessors and clients to try out the equipment to see if it best fits their needs
  • Tell us what you need – we will do our very best to ensure we find a solution

O u r   R o l e

Our role is to work alongside and support the nationwide assessors, funders and individuals in all areas of assistive technology. Their passion and desire to help their clients keeps us finding the alternatives to support and assist.

Making a positive difference to enhance lives – let us know how we can help you