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Tail Light Switch & Say It Play It (YELLOW)

Picture of Tail Light Switch & Say It Play It (YELLOW)
Touch anywhere on this switch - even the rim - ever so lightly and hear your pre-recorded message accompanied by vibration and lights. Plug in your toy or device and it will start when the switch is touched. Total record time is 20 seconds. Can be used on a tabletop or mounted on a door or wall. Wall hanger sold separately. See item #466. Size: 7¾"W x 2½"H. Requires 4 AA Batteries.

$0.00 (NZD) incl tax

Talk 8 - 12 Level Communicator

Picture of Talk 8 - 12 Level Communicator
Teach language skills and communication

$0.00 (NZD) incl tax


Picture of Talkables
Compact and intuitive, these basic message communicators come with built-in icon holders and free clear covers.

$0.00 (NZD) incl tax

Talkbook Four

Picture of Talkbook Four
An affordable and easy-to-carry four message communication device.

$0.00 (NZD) incl tax

Talking Alert with 12 Levels

Picture of Talking Alert with 12 Levels
Everyone will get the message with this unique communicator. Press its textured lens to turn on the bright red light and play a 20-second message.

$0.00 (NZD) incl tax

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