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SwitchIt! Transport Extra

Picture of SwitchIt! Transport Extra
See all kinds of modes of transport in this motivating new program. Join in the countdown and see the rocket launch, see the forklift unload the truck or go on holiday on the aero plane. Raise the sail in the dinghy. Will the wind blow, or will you get beaten by the speedboat? Experience an exciting helicopter rescue at sea, complete with sharks. Also includes a ferry, car, cherry picker, school bus, taxi and train. See the builders and their digger – watch out for the water pipe!

$0.00 (NZD) incl tax

SwitchIt! Weather Extra

Picture of SwitchIt! Weather Extra
Explores the weather theme with a group of characters designed to appeal to both young and older children. Covers sun, wind and rain and their effects - keeping warm, keeping cool and a selection of meteorological phenomena such as thunderstorms and rainbows. You can even go sledging or jump in the big puddle! Use keyboard, mouse, switch, touch monitor or Intellikeys.

$0.00 (NZD) incl tax

SwitchIt! Wildlife Extra

Picture of SwitchIt! Wildlife Extra
This exciting new program looks at different habitats across the world, the kind of animals that live there and their characteristics, behavior and diet. Now switch users can explore the African savannah, see crocodiles in an Australian swamp or go diving with sharks. Many different animals are covered, including mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and fish.

$0.00 (NZD) incl tax

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