In this section you'll find a selection of on-line training videos, documents and websites for WordQ. Just click on the title you want and it will play automatically (please note that you need to be able to access the YouTube website through your internet or network connection for the videos to play correctly).

Introduction - What is WordQ?

WordQ 5 for Windows & Mac

WordQ tutorial 1 - Creating a new user

WordQ tutorial 2 - Turning functions on and off

WordQ tutorial 3 - Reading assistance

WordQ tutorial 4 - Choosing words

WordQ tutorial 5 - Number selection

WordQ tutorial 6 - Proof reading

WordQ tutorial 7 - Selecting homonyns

WordQ tutorial 8 - Adding a word

WordQ tutorial 9 - Abbreviations

WordQ tutorial 10 - Word box placement

WordQ tutorial 11 - Hotkeys

WordQ 5 FAQ

WordQ UK for Chromebook

Student training sheet

WordQ for Chrome FAQ

WordQ for Chrome tutorial 1 - Using the save button
WordQ for Chrome tutorial 2 - Speech to text
WordQ for Chrome tutorial 3 - Saving online and offline
WordQ for Chrome tutorial 4 - Reading and proofreading
WordQ for Chrome tutorial 5 - Importing ThoughtQ Topic List
WordQ for Chrome tutorial 6 - Adding words and usage examples

ThoughtQ for Chromebook

ThoughtQ tutorial ThoughtQ & WordQ for Google Chrome - Combined use

ThoughtQ tutorial Creating bookmarks
ThoughtQ tutorial 
Adjust & customise

ThoughtQ tutorial Discover something original

ThoughtQ tutorial Easy reading

ThoughtQ tutorial Explore

ThoughtQ tutorial Note taking

ThoughtQ tutorial Refine your search

ThoughtQ tutorial The search box

iWordQ for iOS

iWordQ for Reading & Writing

iWordQ FAQ

iWordQ tutorial - Writing options menu
iWordQ tutorial - Reading mode

iWordQ tutorial - Reading approaches

iWordQ tutorial - Writing mode