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Instructions and guides:
- C-Pen Reader Pen User Guide
- Video: Tips for Using Your Reader Pen
- Video: New Features in 2020 Update
- Video: Review of the C-Pen by The Codpast

Education Resources:
Scanning Pens, the manufacturer of the C-Pen, have created a wide range of resources aimed at assisting students being able to get good results with the C-Pen, as well as teach good habits and techniques.
Introduction to Education Resources from SENCo
- Primary Education Resources
- Secondary Education Resources
- Higher Education Resources

The Helping Hands Detective Agency - Activity Booklet


This is a great new resource designed to help encourage good reading and comprehension with a range of activities that explain and support the use of the C-Pen Reader Pen's four main functions.
These are Scan and listen, Dictionary definitions, Record information and Scan to File. It is suitable for primary learners but can be adapted for use with older students.

You can download the resource by clicking here.

Firmware Updates:
Updates are made periodically available for the Reader Pen, Exam Reader and Lingo Pen - as well as legacy updates for the Dictionary Pen.
We strongly recommend sending the device to us to be updated here - please
contact us with the quantity you need updated, and we will contact you with a quote.
Alternatively, we can provide links to download the update yourself but several updates may be required and must be installed in the correct order. If this is not done correctly, it can cause serious issues to the C-Pen.

Software for C-Pen Connect and C-Pen TS1:
C-Pen Connect
App for iPad
- App for Android
- Windows software
- macOS software
- Chrome Extension

Windows software
- macOS software