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Bluetooth iHome

Picture of Bluetooth iHome
Wireless audio streaming! Use any Bluetooth enabled device and listen to your favorite music on this new iHome station.

$0.00 (NZD) incl tax

Bluetooth MP3 Audio Center

Picture of Bluetooth MP3 Audio Center
Easy-touch buttons! Enjoy your music with any Bluetooth enabled device – smartphone including Android, iPad, tablet, laptop, iPod and MP3 Player.

$0.00 (NZD) incl tax

CD Boom Box

Picture of CD Boom Box
Switch-adapted with CD player! This switch-adapted boom box has a CD player, AM/FM radio and a cassette player all in one unit! Simply plug your capability switch into the radio/cassette jack to play music, or plug your switch into the CD jack to activate your favorite CD. The radio and cassette functions require continuous switch activation to play. The CD function starts and pauses with each switch activation. The CD function will not work with a latch/timer. Size: 14"L x 8"W x 7"H. Requires Capability Switch and 8 D Batteries. Please Note: Style and brand may vary. AC line cord has been removed for safety

$0.00 (NZD) incl tax

Easi-Listener 2

Picture of Easi-Listener 2
Easi-Listener 2 A high quality CD player with built-in connections for six separate headphones. Groups of children can listen to music and stories without interruption. No more messy splitters! Latest version with new USB function.

$0.00 (NZD) incl tax

Easi-Speak Pro Sound Recorder

Picture of Easi-Speak Pro Sound Recorder
The sleek and stylish Easi-Speak Pro is designed to appeal to children aged 9 and upwards.

$0.00 (NZD) incl tax

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