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Picture of TypeQuick
TypeQuick for Students makes it easy to learn to type properly without conscious effort. Forty animated characters make the challenge fun. TypeQuick has created a 10 to 15 hour adventure, behind which is the structured course of 12 lessons. Students set off on an interactive adventure around Australia, visiting new places and meeting new characters as they master new typing skills. All they have to do is type their name and the computer recognises where they are, what progress they have made, how fast they are typing and re-starts the adventure with the next lesson.

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Typing Tournament v2

Picture of Typing Tournament v2
Teaches Typing for Life

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Typio Typing Tutor

Picture of Typio Typing Tutor
Typio is a fully accessible typing tutor for children and adults. Typio is equipped with guided instruction through the entire keyboard, customizable practice lessons, individual student record keeping and fun sound effects. A simple and customizable interface creates a distraction-free learning environment for students of all need levels.

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