Typing Tournament v2

Teaches Typing for Life
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A powerful typing tutor for children and adults of all ages. You will master the keyboard by revealing 16 medieval worlds. Start anywhere, adjust your goals and complete the challenge to take on the Dark Typist!
Suitable for all typists including absolute beginners, “Let’s Try Again” typists and “Need a Refresher” typists. Get started straight out of the box, or take advantage of the powerful diagnostic and reporting capabilities to zero in on your learning needs.
  •  Simple instructions
  •  Colour-coded keyboard, animated demonstrations of correct finger placement, and visual prompts
  •  Learn good posture and typing habits
  •  Includes three action-packed typing games and a progress test
  •  Touch typing skills
The Scenario

A fantastic typing adventure awaits you! Complete the quest and prove yourself worthy of challenging the Dark Typist! Collect rewards and tokens as you journey through 16 medieval environments, from the Dragon’s Cave to the Throne Room. Each location presents four new keys with a lesson, demonstration, practice drills, three action-packed typing games and a progress test. Only you can rid the land of the Dark Typist’s tyranny!

Multiple Progressions Model

Typing Tournament reinforces keyboard familiarity and strengthens muscle memory with the Multiple Progressions Model, a unique model for teaching typing specially designed to break the negative learning cycle and give users maximum flexibility in establishing and reaching their typing goals. This enables players to continually improve as complexity increases.

Educational Content

Typing Tournament is divided into 16 lessons each with multiple drills, games and a progress test across three maps. Upon successfully completing each lesson, players progress to the next medieval location and receive a printable certificate of achievement to applaud their chivalry! The drills, games and tests all use meaningful, informative and entertaining texts that are specifically linked to each lesson’s focus keys!
Typing Tournament is designed for all ages and stages, so the whole family can learn to touch type! Whether you’re a novice, typing whiz or someone whose skills are just a little rusty, Typing Tournament is for you! The carefully crafted content is interwoven with an exciting story, cool graphics and fun games. It’s a great way to master an essential real-world skill!

Uses English spelling (British)

Covers all letters of the alphabet, basic punctuation and numbers

Reinforces keyboard familiarity with the unique Multiple Progressions Model combines keys in a variety of ways, including home row key paths, vertical key paths and common letter combinations

Introduces four new keys in each lesson with simple, step-by-step instructions

Preview and choose an overall words-per-minute typing target, which you can change if things are too easy or they get too tricky

Test yourself to determine your starting level without wasting time going over skills you already have

Promotes good posture and typing habits with an introductory lesson

Boosts motivation with meaningful, informative and entertaining texts that are specifically linked to the accompanying lessons

System Requirements

 Microsoft Windows

 Complies with Microsoft Application Standards to give maximum compatibility with Windows operating systems and servers, including Windows XP Service Pack 2, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Servers 2003 and 2008

 Apple Macintosh

 Supplied in Universal Binary to ensure maximum forward compatibility with all Macintosh systems, from OSX 10.4.11 and later. Except for OS X 10.9 for Network Edition.

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