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The LingoPen, from C-Pen, is a breakthrough technology for anyone who needs support when learning an additional language. The state-of-the-art scanner enables instant lookup & translation of words.
The digital highlighter—alongside the text-to-speech function—supports multi-sensory learning, aiding language retention.
Use the included voice recorder to support learner revision. Students can record pronunciation or objectives from teachers to develop independent learning.
Store scanned text and voice recordings using the 2GB storage. Upload everything stored onto your devices with ease.
“The audio functionality is, of course, beneficial for all EAL learners; the importance of students hearing their target language modelled is a fundamental principle of good practice for supporting students who are learning English as an additional language.” – Hampshire EMTAS teacher Adviser
Exciting LingoPen features
  • Translates 8 languages
  • More than 20 built-in dictionaries
  • Reads text aloud
  • Readers scanned text aloud or via headphones
  • Highlight and store text in internal memory to later review
  • Multiple English accents included
  • A voice recorder to help develop vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Connect and scan directly to a Windows/MAC/Linux computer
  • No additional software required
The LingoPen comes with FREE updates.
The LingoPen supports:
Arabic*, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, & Spanish
*Only one-way translation: English-to-Arabic

Support Guides and Learning Resources
There is a wide range of helpful tools, links and resources available to assist creating good habits and getting the most out of your C-Pen device. Click here to take a look.

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