C-Pen TS1

A digital highlighter from C-Pen.
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C-Pen TS1 (G2) is the successor of the original and popular TS1. We’ve secured the performance and updated the camera solution to support higher resolutions. TS1 (G2) is a USB connected text scanner/digital highlighter. It works connected via USB to a computer. When activated, a light turns on and highlights the text – text that instantly appears by the text cursor in the application active on the computer.

Simply mark up some text, as if doing it with a marker pen, and the text appears in the open application on your computer.

Studying or researching?

Capture notes and quotes from textbooks and papers.

Working in admin?

Input numbers and data to business systems.

Reading difficulties?

Combine with text to speech (TTS) and have text read out loud.

  •  High scan speed
  •  High resolution camera supporting very small font size
  •  Fast real time Optical Character Recognition (OCR) supporting 100+ languages in Latin, Cyrillic, or Greek alphabet. Text and numbers or numbers only.
  •  USB connectivity.
  •  Compatible with Windows (MAC software pending release October 2019)
  •  Compatible with MS Office and endless other 3rd party text/data software.

Support Guides and Learning Resources

There is a wide range of helpful tools, links and resources available to assist creating good habits and getting the most out of your C-Pen device. Click here to take a look.

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