This big tough carpet wrapped Music Cube has big button control, Bluetooth capability ,USB and memory card compatible.
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The front of the Music Cube has one easy to operate triangular button that plays or pauses the music, and a second rectangular button that skips to the next track. On the back of the Music Cube there is a single large 8cm round button that is play/pause only. It has been designed for ease of use by all users.

Both the front and back panels have multicolour animated LED light displays for added interest, with adjustable brightness to cater for clients with hypersensitivity.

Inside the lockable tamper proof lid is a control panel for carers to adjust volume and insert or change the music memory card or USB stick.

The MusicCube is totally new product designed and manufactured right here by our TS team. The sound is great and it is about as user friendly and indestructible as possible.

25cm square, carpet wrapped.

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