Tobii Dynavox Speech Case for iPad

Turn an iPad into a touch screen AAC tablet with the Speech Case - a rugged, fitted silicone shell with integrated speakers, made for people with speech and language disabilities.
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Grab it on the go and put it down where you like thanks to a built-in kickstand and handle. Use the embedded switch ports and wheelchair mount plate holes for additional access needs. Add our symbol-based Snap Core First communication app to transform an iPad into a true AAC device. Available in two sizes.

Transform your iPad

The Speech Case is designed for AAC (augmentative and alternative communication), with a durable outer case made to withstand daily life, a Bluetooth speaker to project your voice clearly, the ability to mount the device to a wheelchair, and two switch ports for scanning access. Finger-guiding keyguards are also available to purchase separately. Speech Case for the newer version 10.2-inch iPad model has the added benefit of crash corners and a snap-on faceplate for extra protection. When combined with our Snap Core First communication app, Speech Case transforms an iPad into a true AAC device.

Better together

Speech Case in combination with your iPad creates a powerful communication solution. It offers the freedom to use familiar technology together with a trusted AAC solution.

9.7" case size compatibility:

 2017 9.7-inch iPads (5th generation)
 2018 9.7-inch iPads (6th generation)

10.2" case size compatibility:

 2019 10.2-inch iPads (7th generation)

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