Adesso Illuminated Multimedia PS/2 Keyboard Black

The Adesso Illuminated Multimedia PS/2 Keyboard puts the light only where it is needed, on the keyboard. This eliminates the glare from task lighting, helps prevent eyestrain and makes the keys easy to see.


In this day and age, with eyestrain from computing is so prevalent, many people have tried to remove the cause of the strain: THE GLARE. This product has the potential to reduce symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS), such as eyestrain and headaches. In addition to improving night vision, it enhances your computing environment by creating a relaxed, ambient atmosphere, conducive to working on those late night projects! It includes 18 multimedia functions found across the top of the keyboard and these are split into 2 groups. On the left we have (from left to right) - Internet Home, Email, Back, Forward, Search, Refresh, Favorites, Stop, Webcam/Mediaplayer, etc. The rear of the keyboard is shaped with a curving lift to the rear to elevate the back of the keyboard in the same manner as a regular keyboard would use the pull out feet. This Illuminated keyboard provides a perfect solution for late night web surfers, gamers, and computer users.

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