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Co:Writer 7 is word prediction software that works in conjunction with any application you write in like MS Word, Web Browsers, Google Docs, Blogs, Email, and more. As you type, Co:Writer interprets spelling and grammar mistakes and offers word suggestions in real time.
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Co:Writer 7 has some incredible new functionality, yet remains ultra easy to use and train!

Testing Accommodation Supports
Quickly restrict features (predict ahead, grammar, Topic Dictionaries, etc.) during the big test. 

USB Flash Drive Support
Run Co:Writer directly from a USB drive (no need to install).

On-Screen Keyboard Support
Co:Writer 7 works with the on-screen keyboards built into your Mac and Windows operating systems

Data Reporting
Track time spent writing and vocabulary usage of individual students and groups.

30 Minute Tutorial
Co:Writer is so simple, you can train teachers in 30 minutes with the new Train-in-30 Tutorial.

Show-Me-How Video Tutorial
Show-Me-How video tutorials demonstrate key Co:Writer functions in less than a minute each.

Instant Topic Dictionaries
Access over 4 million Topic Dictionaries instantly just by typing the name…practically anything you can think of from “America’s Cup” to “Wonders of the World.”


Topic Dictionaries 
Click to activate access hundreds of built-in Topic Dictionaries from topics ranging from Alice in Wonderland to Jane Goodall or make your own just by typing the topic name!

Personal Dictionaries 
Quickly add words and phrases that pertain to you: the names of your school, your best friends, your street address, or terms from your favorite hobby. Co:Writer 7 makes this easier than ever.

Linguistic Word Prediction 
Co:Writer is the only word prediction program to use the context of a whole sentence to predict the next word. This provides the most accurate prediction available—crucial for your most struggling writers. Compare Linguistic Word Prediction to other types of prediction. 

If your students spell elephant like “lfnt”, they will benefit from FlexSpell. It turns around the most egregious spelling errors.

Word Bank 
Helpful for students with writer’s block, Co:Writer’s Word Bank automatically presents a list of topic-specific words whenever a Topic Dictionary is selected. The Word Bank is now available in list view  and our new word cloud view.

Speech Anywhere
Highlight text on-screen and Co:Writer will read it back to you. It works in any application including: MS Word, Google Docs, Open Office, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.  

Supports the Latest Mac and Windows OS  Co:Writer 7 functions identically on Mac and Windows platforms.

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