Crystal A3 Copy Holder

What you’ve been waiting for-a lightweight medium size (A3) Copyholder. Liquid Riteaway A3 is in clear, sturdy acrylic finish and still angles and slides away. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand.


An attractive, lightweight, clear acrylic medium sized version of the popular Riteaway Copyholder. Liquid Riteaway A3 is 425mm wide x 300mm deep (A3) and can be adjusted from 15 to 45 degrees to allow better ergonomic positions for reading or writing. Can be used forward for writing etc. or to the rear for reading copy. Move by simply tilting the front up and sliding. Easy angle adjustment is created by loosening the side hand wheels in an anticlockwise direction while taking the weight under the top edge. After lowering or raising to the desired angle lock securely by hand tightening the hand wheels in a clockwise direction. Do not over tighten.

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