Devlin CleanKey Keyboard and Mouse

Designed to help prevent the spread of infection.
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Keyboard features:

  • Unique Keytop shape removes any infection traps
  • Easy to clean surface and easy to clean between keys
  • Fully sealed and waterproof allowing for complete sterilization
  • USB extension cable allows easy disconnection when cleaning away from computer
  • Suitable for rinsing and immersion sterilising in cleaning and disinfection fluids

Clean Key features:

  • When depressed, stops key presses sending data while the keyboard is cleaned
  • The user is notified of ‘lock down’ by flashing LEDs
  • Clean at any interval minimising keyboard downtime

Mouse features:

  • Fully sealed and waterproof - suitable for complete infection control
  • Exactly the same functionality as an ordinary desktop mouse
  • Compatible with any USB connection

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