First Keys 3

Now completely revised, First Keys links the development of keyboard awareness to early literacy skills. A new edition of this popular program, suitable for young children or older pupils with learning difficulties. Pupils can develop keyboard skills through picture matching, letter recognition, word building and spelling. Location of keys is taught by matching letters with pictures and speech.

First Keys 3 is the latest version of the popular First Keys program; a friendly introduction to the keyboard that uses speech, phonics and the Widgit Symbols in colourful and engaging missing-letter exercises to teach literacy skills.

Teaching Keyboard Awareness

First Keys 3 is supplied with an array of exercises, designed to stimulate interest and develop vocabulary as well as keyboard awareness.

Create your own Exercises

Choose from the wide selection of exercises included with the program or create your own using the straightforward and intuitive editor. Make spelling exercises to support literacy activities, curriculum topics or personalised learning. With the new teacher interface, text lists and letter rules can be merged together to create new exercises, which contain relevant topic words and tasks.

Choose Individual Options

Each user has their own options and settings that you can control from the editor. Decide on the degree of hint support provided during exercises. Choose how users interact with the program; by using the keyboard or by clicking letters with the mouse. Configure font and speech support. Users can pick a character to use as an icon.

Monitoring Progress

Teachers now have the opportunity to see detailed tracking of user progress. Reports are generated showing exactly where users are struggling, when they are choosing the wrong letters and what exercises they are excelling at; so activities can be structured to provide the highest learning impact.

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