Matias Half Keyboard

The revolutionary Half Keyboard enables you type with just one hand, using your existing skills. Now your other hand is always free when you need it.

Type while talking on the phone.
  • Easier text editing - Scroll, select text, type corrections, or make deletions, without moving your hand back and forth between keyboard and mouse.
  • Hold documents in one hand and type them in with the other hand.
  • Users of Desktop Publishing, CAD, Photoshop and other graphics software can change tools and issue commands on the Half Keyboard, without taking their hand off the mouse or stylus.
  • One hand incapacitated? Type with the other! A Half Keyboard is ideal for someone with a hand injury or disability.
The ultra-compact Half Keyboard is a one-handed version of the standard desktop keyboard. It uses full-size, high-quality laptop-style keys for excellent typing comfort and speed. The Half Keyboard's sleek, minimal design makes a great addition to your regular keyboard or a really cool replacement that uses very little desk space.

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