Maltron One Hand Keyboard

The Maltron single left-handed keyboards are specifically designed for one-handed operation.

The keyboard has a sculptured shape to provide key heights suited for finger lengths to reduce fatigue and increase accuracy. The letter layout has been developed to meet the unique needs of single-handed operation and incorporates push-on/off keys for Control, Shift, and Alt functions.

The alphabetic, numeric and arrow keys are all included in the depression of the keyboard. There is also a separate numeric keypad on a flat plane and the function keys are arranged in a single row across the top of the keyboard.

Available in both a Left and Right hand model.

Please note keyboard is UK layout. Although the majority of the keys are the same, some have different functions than the standard US layout.

Connection - USB Cable (length 1.5 metre)

Language Layout - United Kingdom

Number of keys/buttons - 111

Switch Type - Cherry MX Black

Dimensions - length 305 mm, depth 226 mm, height 110 mm, weight 750 g

Compatible - PC and Mac (Macs may experience limited functionality)

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Left Hand Keyboard
Right Hand Keyboard
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