MouseTrak™ Evolution Trackball

Mouse Trak Evolution trackball is designed for use in ergonomic office settings. The buttons - specially designed curved bars, in this case - fit readily to natural, relaxed hand and finger positions. One button performs the single click function. The other button performs the double-click function. It cuts down on repetitive motions, associates one event with one action, and simplifies the user interface.
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  • Available in USB version for iMac and Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003
  •  Elevated integrated hand support for maximum stress reduction
  • Six large keys positioned to fall under the finger. The four most heavily used mouse actions on keys next to the ball (helps those with small hands)
  • Extremely light ball movement force reduces user effort
  • Advanced users can reprogram the keys for single stroke Click, Double-Click, or Click & Drag for any of the three industry standard mouse keys without special drivers
  • Can be configured for left or right handed users.
  • Please note, the Evolution is big. In fact, it is so big that it uses nearly half the space required for your old mousepad.

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SKU: Itac-X6X