Sip/Puff Switch Multi User

The Multi User Sip/Puff Switch with Headset provides healthcare institutions; assessment centers hospitals, etc. with a means to support multiple users while eliminating concerns over sanitation. The disposable mouthpiece includes an in-line aseptic filter to enable hygienic, worry-free use by a succession of users.

The Sip/Puff Switch is a head mounted accessory used to actuate a two position switch by a simple sip or puff. It consists of a headset with a filtered, replaceable mouthpiece and a switch box connected to the headset by a second plastic tube. It is comfortable, adjustable and requires no batteries or power cords. All tubing is replaceable and latex-free. Testing personnel, assistants, etc. can activate the device using the and/or push buttons conveniently located on the switchbox label.

The Multi-user Sip/Puff Switch package includes the following: Headset, 6-foot tube (1.8 meters) with quick connects, switchbox, 5 sealed mouthpiece assemblies, each with gloves and instruction sheet, 2 mono connector cables, 1 stereo connector cable and documentation.

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SKU: AC-0300-MU