My T Mouse

My-T-Mouse software provides on-screen keyboards, user programmable macro buttons, and many other innovative interface approaches to enhance operation within the Microsoft Windows Environment.

My-T-Mouse® On-screen Keyboard for Computers......Desktop Computers, Tablet PCs, Touch screen Computers, or for us with any other Pointing Device (Mice, Trackballs, GlidePads, Pens, Switches, Digitizers, Tablets, Touchscreens, etc.), to deliver a powerful user interface, and provide reliable, secure user access and control over all computer functions, just like a physical keyboard.

My-T-Mouse includes hundreds of programmable on-screen keyboard layouts, user programmable macro buttons, and many other innovative user interface approaches to enhance operations within the Microsoft Windows Environment.

"My-T-Mouse" is IMG's original On-screen Keyboard for Tablets, Touch screens, Mice, and other pointing devices. Introduced at Fall Comdex in 1993, it has evolved into hundreds of customized versions for specific applications ranging from Assistive Technology to Automation to Field Service to Enterprise Management tools.

My-T-Mouse On-screen Keyboard for Tablets, Touchscreens, and other pointing devices includes over 200 international layouts with 3D Key display and infinite sizing! The Logon option allows the pointing device (Pen, Touchscreen, or other device) to logon to Windows and enables the evolution beyond the physical keyboard once and for all! The feature list includes all of the requested options found in the versions My-T-Touch and My-T-Pen, including the ability to re-map keys, Custom Logos, Supervisor / Operator modes, and hundreds of other options...
By allowing systems to operate without the need for a physical keyboard, external templates, membranes, or buttons, My-T-Mouse can provide the finishing touch on sealed systems that only require a pointing device interface for user input.

"Heads Up Display" - My-T-Mouse uses a concept found in fighter planes, helicopters, tanks, etc., called "Heads Up Display" technology. Its principal objective is to keep the users focus and concentration centered in one place.

My-T-Mouse uses that concept to reduce the visual re-focusing and re-positioning, caused by the heads up and down motion of going from screen to keyboard to screen, and the resulting confusion it causes. Many users find, with our on-screen keyboard, they no longer need a physical keyboard, membrane panel, or other input device beyond the actual interface.

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