My T Mouse For Kids

My-T-Mouse for Kids is a set of Onscreen Keyboards and Utilities for Kids (typically ages 2-8) and New Users. It works with any pointing device (Mice, Trackballs, GlidePads, Pens, Touchscreens, etc.) under Windows.


My-T-Mouse for Kids uses a concept found in fighter planes, tanks, helicopters, and under development for automobiles. It's called Heads Up Display and the principal objective is to keep the user's focus and concentration centered. My-T-Mouse for Kids uses that concept to reduce the visual re-focusing and re-positioning, caused by the heads up and down motion going from screen to keyboard to screen. In addition, the ABCD keyboard option is ideal for kids and new users and eliminates the confusion of searching through the unfamiliar standard QWERTY keyboard layout.

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