NeatView Privacy Screen Filter

This filter is designed for people who spend two hours or more a day at their computer. Six layers of superior optical coating on each side reduce up to 99% of glare and reflections. Fits 13-15” CRT monitors.


The glove-like fit with self-adjusting foam gaskets seals out ambient light for maximum contrast and glare reduction. Dust and dirt are also sealed out so the display stays clean and sharp even in the most adverse operating conditions. The two hinged doors offer additional protection, as when the doors are closed, dust and dirt are kept away from the screen while displayed images are hidden from passersby. When open, in addition to offering privacy from neighbours, one door can be used to clip to-do lists, a calendar, post-it notes, etc., while the other door with its dry-erase surface can be used to jot down daily reminders, telephone numbers and other assorted notes.

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SKU: 17ANV14