NumberShark 5

NumberShark V5 is a motivating computer program that uses 50 games to teach and reinforce numeracy and improve understanding and use of numbers. The wide variety of carefully designed games provide many ways in which to practice the same information.
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There are over 500 topics to choose from, addressing each of the following number operations:

  • + Addition
  • - Subtraction
  • x Multiplication
  • ÷ Division


  • ½ Fractions
  • 1.2 Decimals
  • % Simple Percentages very gradual stepscan be shown alongside any games as you play them and students' scores can be recorded for monitoring progression and performance.

NumberShark V5 is most often used by students aged between 6 and 15. Most games are appropriate for any age although a few of the games are more suitable for younger children.

Older students, with reasonable number skills, use Numbershark to improve their mental maths - sometimes before exams.

The program addresses many of the difficulties which lead students to dislike maths. These include poor short term memory, limited attention span and poor sequencing skills.

To help those with dyslexia and dyscalculia, many of the games give a visual idea of what is happening when you add, subtract, multiply or divide. Fractions and decimals are also shown visually. Variable speeds and other options meet all grades of skill.

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