OnScreen with CrossScanner

OnScreen with CrossScanner joins the Assistive Technology version of IMG's My-T-Soft Keyboards along with CrossScanner, RJ Cooper's Single-switch Windows control software. This is a special version for individuals that cannot use a mouse, trackball, or any other type of pointing device, and use a switch-based approach to operating their computer.


OnScreen with CrossScanner is a highly sophisticated approach for operating a Microsoft Windows based system. By using CrossScanner and a single-switch, any point on the screen can be selected, and any mouse type operation such as clicks, double-clicks, drag, or right-clicks can be accomplished with a few switch hits. Then, using OnScreen and its built in features such as WordComplete, text input can be sent to any program for creating documents, e-mails, or performing simple text entry tasks, all driven by CrossScanner and the single-switch interface. With OnScreen and CrossScanner, a switch user can do anything an average user using a physical keyboard and mouse can do, enabling users who would otherwise be restricted to closed or limited environments. This opens up the entire computing universe to a single switch user.

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