PC-Trac Trackball Black

The Clearly Superior Technologies PC Trac Ergonomic Trackball allows young and old alike to work in comfort for hours at a time. The large, high density ball, and the shape of the Clearly Superior Trackball case, act as a natural hand rest that mirrors the contour of the hand. Combined with the special "Ambidextrous" feature, the CSTrac accommodates both right and left handed users (without changing system settings) and hands of all sizes. No need to move your arm or rotate your wrist from side to side. You'll enjoy this trackball's ability to dynamically accelerate across the screen as you turn the ball faster!


  • Drag Lock lets you drag and drop without holding down a button.
  • Scroll feature allows effortless scrolling on web pages and large documents.
  • Dynamic gain feature allows you to accelerate the cursor exponentially as you roll the ball faster. Roll the ball slowly for single pixel accuracy.
  • The precision ground ball and mirror finished rollers deliver "smooth as silk" feel and effortless control.

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SKU: CST1550