Predictable 5

Multi-award winning app for people with speech disabilities who need a sleek, simple and smart way to communicate.
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Predictable speaks out the messages you type using your favourite from a selection of keyboard layouts (including 10 key keyboard, Apple’s own iOS keyboard, or any keyboard extension from the app store also works). Intelligent word prediction, which learns an individual’s pattern of use, makes communication even faster. Use Nuance voices, record your own voice saying familiar phrases or use your voice banked ModelTalker voice. 

Save phrases in the phrase bank for quick access; add items to Favourites and set up the features for a more personalised experience. Switch accessible; people with significant physical disabilities can still work the app using one or two switches. Now in it’s 5th major iteration, with all new features and appearance.

Prediction engine for both British and American spelling, with intelligent word prediction and learning of new words and dyslexia support options

•   ModelTalker Voice banking allows you to use your own synthesised voice to communicate
•   24 high quality Nuance Voices 
•   4 ModelTalker voices
•   Option to use any of the 36 iOS voices
•   Possibility to change the rate of the iOS voice
•   News Feed to keep up with the latest news from around the world
•   Link your phrases in categories to YouTube videos, iTunes songs or website URLs
•   US/UK dictionary selection
•   Accessible via Bluetooth switch box + switch/es 
•   Compatible with the iOS method of scanning
•   Easy to use category folder system to store quick phrases or prepared messages
•   Configurable settings for auto or user scan
•   History view with access to latest phrases
•   Use the whole screen as a switch with scanning (Touch Anywhere method)
•   Send SMS, Email, update Facebook or send a tweet on Twitter
•   Replace the keyboard with a note pad for on-screen hand-writing that works with the word prediction 
•   Have discrete conversations without text-to-speech in the Publish mode
•   Customise your screen with different colours
•   Options for increased auditory prompting and visual feedback 
•   Change colour and opacity of the text and background in the quick keys
•   Ability to increase the size of the word prediction text
•   High Contrast option
•   No WiFi needed to use most the app 

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