Sip/Puff Breeze with Gooseneck

Breeze is an advanced USB sip/puff switch in an extremely compact package.

It connects directly to standard USB ports on computers, laptops, and AAC devices and provides hardware emulation of mouse buttons or joystick functions. For special applications, sensitivity is selectable and dynamic pressure readings can be directly accessed through the USB interface. The integrated pneumatic port connects directly to a range of available user interface options including Headset and Gooseneck. Strong, lightweight and versatile, the Sip/Puff Gooseneck features a universal clamp that securely attaches to table tops, beds and wheelchairs. The flexible steel gooseneck and the ball-and-socket mount enable easy and secure mouthpiece positioning. The filtered mouthpiece is replaceable and a thin, pliable connecting tube interfaces to Sip/Puff Switch with a simple twist connector.

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SKU: AC-0313-G