Sip/Puff Switch with Headset

The Sip/Puff Switch translates sips and puffs into independent switch closures. The rugged electro-mechanical design requires no external power.


The rugged electro-mechanical design requires no external power. Test buttons are integrated to assist in application testing. Electrical interface is provided through a choice of connectors for two standard mono cables or a single stereo cable. A twist-on pneumatic interface provides for direct connection to the Origin Instruments' Headset. Sip/Puff Headset is a comfortable, adjustable head frame.
The padded headset slips over the ears and behind the head. This head-referenced design maximizes compatibility with other assistive technologies - like HeadMouse® - that employ head movement to enable a rich interface. A replaceable mouth tube is held in position with an integral stainless steel forming wire. The tube and wire can be bent and cut to adapt to individual needs.

The Sip/Puff Switch with Headset package includes the following:
•Padded headset with attached mouth tube and 6-foot (1.8-meter) tube with pneumatic connector
•Sip/Puff Switch
•3 - replacement mouth tubes with integral stainless steel forming wire
•1 - mono connector cable
•1 - stereo connector cable

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SKU: AC-0300-V2