Smoothie Switch

This lovely, smooooth switch is new from Inclusive Technology. Based on our years of experience working with switch users, it has a low profile surface and is angled towards the learner to make it really easy for those with limited movement to press. For the ultimate in comfortable switching - try the Smoothie!
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Product image

  • Large 125mm operating area.
  • Low operating force.
  • With tactile feedback.
  • Easily mounted via standard fixing holes.
  • Available in cranberry (red), banana (yellow), blueberry (blue) or apple (green).

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Smoothie Switch Large Red 125mm
SKU: 4426
Smoothie Switch Large Green 125mm
SKU: 4425
Smoothie Switch Large Yellow 125mm
SKU: 4427
Smoothie Switch Large Blue 125mm
SKU: 4428
Four Large Smoothie Switches 125mm (1 of each colour)
SKU: 4478
Mounting Plate for Large Smoothie Switch
SKU: 5727
Smoothie Switch Small Red 75mm
SKU: 5813
Smoothie Switch Small Green 75mm
SKU: 5814
Smoothie Switch Small Yellow 75mm
SKU: 5816
Smoothie Switch Small Blue 75mm
SKU: 5815
Four Small Smoothie Switches 75mm (1 of each colour)
SKU: 5726
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