Spacedec Articulated Single

Spacedec is a TFT/LCD flat screen monitor arm that allows the computer user to take full advantage of the technological benefits that flat panel monitors provide.


Its innovative and flexible design allows the monitor height,viewing distance and tilt to be easily adjusted with a touch of a hand from the seated position, whilst incorporating industry standard cable management. This means the monitor can be set to the correct focal length for individual users and can be tilted to avoid glare.
Each screen can be rotated to both landscape and portrait orientation. Modular construction allows for upgrading/replacement without the need for a entirely new arm. The quick-release mechanism means screens can be upgraded or replaced without tools and minimum down time.
Direct mount VESA (75 and 100 mm) fitting supplied as standard. Optional, lockable quick release VESA plate allows easy interchange of flat panels.
Supporting post and all castings are made from lightweight recyclable aluminum. Spacedec uses an advanced coil wrap system that takes the power and data cables from the rear of the monitor and down the arm.
Load Carrying Capacity: 10 kg

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