Switchit Jigsaw Maker 2

Create your own jigsaw puzzles quickly and easily with Switchit Jigsaw Maker 2. This program is designed for very young children upwards, with a choice of screen styles that also give you age-appropriate activities for older children and adults with learning difficulties.

SwitchIt! Jigsaw Maker 2 gives you a easy way of making your own photographs or other pictures into interactive on-screen jigsaws. Pictures can be cut into two, four, or nine piece puzzles. Play on-screen and you’ll never have to worry about pieces being chewed up or scattered! Jigsaws can also be printed out for use away from the computer. The jigsaws can be completed in 4 ways, which provides activities with a finely graded progression in skill level: Cause and effect - just press a switch to build the picture. This level can also be used in a reveal game: The picture appears bit by bit, so learners can try and guess what the picture is before it is completed. Click on any piece - it will jump into place. An easy introduction to making jigsaws. Find the piece that fits the place chosen by the computer. A more demanding activity. Drag the pieces into their correct places. This level simulates making a real jigsaw. Support is provided for those players who find dragging with the mouse difficult, and this level can also be played using single clicks of the mouse.

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