Target and Touch - Patterns

Targeting activities using simple, vivid, high contrast patterns, shapes and music.

Packed with motivating activities supporting the visual skills of locating, fixing and tracking static and moving objects. These highly structured programs support the development of skills required to use a touch monitor effectively, beginning at cause and effect levels and progressing through the stages of targeting and touching single, multiple, ‘peeping’, scattered and moving prompts onscreen.

The activities are designed for use in special and mainstream educational settings, as well as with older users. Aimed at those developing early ICT, visual and coordination skills, the configurable activities are highly suitable for use on the interactive whiteboard, a touch monitor or computer and mouse. Teachers’ notes and simple assessment and record keeping are included.

Target and Touch: Patterns has been created using over 40 high contrast and motivating spokes, ripples and spirals pattern shapes.

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