WordShark 5

WordShark V5 combines the excitement of computer games with the serious task of learning to read and spell. WordShark's strength lies in its educational integrity. Each of the 60 motivating games is designed to address discreet skills in the teaching and reinforcing of reading and spelling.

The games and selection of pre-recorded words are specially structured to assist those with dyslexia, but work equally well for a wide range of users including able spellers and those with EAL. WordShark V5 is suitable for a wide age range.

The variety of games, concepts and words makes WordShark V5 suitable for use in both primary and secondary schools as well as at home. It offers high motivation and interest within a structured learning process.

New Features in WordShark V5:

  • New and improved user experiences.
  • Easier to use.
  • New educational content.
  • Everyday vocabulary for EAL work.
  • Easier to create own lists.
  • Improved students school tracking record

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WordShark V5 CD-Rom single user M/PC
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WordShark V5 single USB
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WordShark V5 CD-Rom 5 users M/PC (not suitable for Network)
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