iZoom Standard Magnifier/Reader

iZoom Standard incorporates our latest iZoom Magnification and Reading technology. Zoom into areas of the screen that are difficult to see, reduce glare, read out web pages, emails, new articles and more. At half the price of conventional screen magnifiers, iZoom Standard offers cutting edge magnification technology.

Magnification Levels

iZoom can magnify your screen from as little as 1.5X all the way upto 36X. Our new fractional magnification technology allows 1.5X and 2.5X magnification levels, so you can pick the setting that works best for you.

Zooming Modes

Different situations warrant different zooming modes. Reading paragraphs is often easier with line zoom, while general web browsing is easier with Full Screen or Lens mode. iZoom supports 8 different zooming modes, ensuring that there's the perfect zoom mode for any situation you encounter.

Color Enhancements

Don't like the glare from white background on webpages? Color Blind? iZoom can manipulate the colors on the screen in dozens of ways so it doesn't strain your eyes.

Font Smoothing

Your computer wasn't designed to zoom into areas of the screen, which is why all screen magnifiers suffer from a phenomenon known as pixelation. Pixelation causes the edges of text to appear jagged as you zoom in, making text difficult to read. iZoom's patent-pending ClearPoint font-smoothing will maintain crystal clear text quality regardless of zoom level.


If you've ever used a video magnifier, you know that all the text doesn't fit on the display at one time, causing you to scroll the table horizontally over and over to read the text. iZoom's patent-pending SmartAlign technology will re-align the entire paragraph so it fits on the screen with just a mouse click allowing you to be more productive and reduce eye-strain.

Focus Tracking

Since you're only able to view a portion of the screen while zooming in, there's bound to be events that happen outside of your viewable area, such as "Would you like to save..." dialog boxes or chat messages which appear out of nowhere. iZoom can automatically figure out the areas of the screen that demand your attention and move your focus to them, ensuring you're never left in the dark about what happening on your screen.

Mouse Enhancements

Even those with perfect vision can lose track of the mouse pointer occassionally. Individuals with vision impairments have a much harder time. That's why we've incorporated mouse enhancements into iZoom. Mouse enhancements can make your mouse larger and even change its color to make it easy to find.

Locator Enhancements

For those who have an extra hard time finding the mouse, such as users with tunnel vision, iZoom has several locators which can make life easier. Locators are enhancements which make it easy for even those with severe visual impairments to find the mouse effortlessly.

Floating Window

Ever had to keep referring to an area of an email while typing a response? Keeping a sticky note on the screen to make sure you don't forget a to-do item? With iZoom's Floating Window you can swiftly lock any area of the screen so it always remains in view, no matter what else you're doing.

Caret Tracking

Imagine you're typing an email while zoomed in. Since your viewable area is only a small area of the screen, you could type beyond what you can actually see and lose track of what you're writing. iZoom has built-in caret tracking which will follow whatever you're typing and keep it in view.

Zoom Scoll Bars

While zooming in to a part of the screen, you can lose track of what area of the original screen you're viewing. This can become rather frustratiing and cause disorientation. We've invented a revolutionary technology called Zoom Scroll Bars and incorporated it into iZoom. Zoom Scroll Bars are very similar to scroll bars in a webpage which let you know what part of the webpage you're viewing. With Zoom Scroll Bars you'll never lose track of where you are on the screen.

Dual Monitor Support

iZoom's dual monitor support allows you to utilize two monitors to expand the area of magnified view. This will give you more information at any given time. Choose from 4 dual monitors options: Single, Stretch, Independent and Original and Magnified.

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