Oska Suite

Ideal for those with access difficulties, Oska provides on-screen keyboards which can be customised - define the size, look, style, outputs and functions for each keyboard.

Oska, the on-screen keyboard application, has been developed to enhance the use of touch technology and alternative PC input methods.

Oska offers an alternative to the traditional keyboard and mouse method of operating a computer. The Oska software, paired with the appropriate input hardware, solves accessibility issues associated with conventional techniques and is paving the way for increased use of touch technology.

People who have moved from mouse input to a single switch system now have alternative control methods available to them. Integration of additional, alternative input device techniques such as gamepads, numeric keypads and touchpads gives more flexibility in controlling and writing on the PC. 

The Oska user interface has been upgraded to the new 'ribbon' style control panel for improved usability. The interface is both familiar and easy to use, making to easier than ever to create, edit and publish Oska keyboards. 

Oska provides a wealth of features specifically designed for users who cannot easily use common input devices. Below is a list of features which are included in Oska:

Text Entry Into All Standard Windows Applications 
Allows control of the PC just like using a standard computer keyboard. 

Oska includes a range of keyboard templates including US, UK 9x9 and Mouth Stick and Head Pointer Keyboard.

Multi Lingual
Oska offers a range of keyboards in different languages. It is also quick and easy to switch between different keyboard languages for users who want to write in more than one language.

Fully Customisable
Each keyboard template can be edited for greater productivity. Oska keyboards can also be designed from scratch for full customisation, allowing the creation of a whole new keyboard.

Any pointing device or switch system available will work with Oska. This allows a greater degree of flexibility for the user.

Oska Supports Full Switch/Scanning Operation
This is recommended for those who have difficulty using a standard computer mouse but do have good motor control to operate a switch/scanning system. When switch based scanning is used, the cursor ‘scans’ across the keyboard to select the key required. The user is able to use a scanning method to suit them by selecting the number of switches in use, the basic scanning method (autoscan, userscan, and stepscan) and the scanning pattern (item, quadrant, and row/column). Choosing the right scanning solution will increase the speed and accuracy the user can accomplish their tasks.

Oska can be utilized to build and run macros. This enables a variety of actions such as opening a web browser or application to be done by just one button. Using macros to create shortcut buttons will enable the keyboard to be used more effectively and considerably increase the speed of work.

User Definable Keys 
Keyboards can be edited by the keyboard user. This can be done by right clicking the user definable key. The function of the button can be edited as well as its appearance.

Menu Shortcuts
Any combination of menu shortcuts can be created within the keyboard, making the editing of documents and essays hugely efficient.

Create And Share Keyboards
Keyboards can be designed to any specification required and then shared with other Oska users.

Word Prediction
Oska offers a word prediction feature which eliminates keystrokes when words are selected from the word list. As the user begin to type, a list of words are displayed. When the word require is displayed, simply select that word. The word chosen will automatically complete. This feature not only helps to increase speed by reducing the number of keystrokes required to input certain words, but also improves spelling accuracy. Custom prediction lists can be built in order to assist further with writing.

Scroll Wheel Scanning
Scroll Wheel Scanning is a feature of Oska that enables the user to utilize the mouse wheel found on a standard computer mouse for switch/scanning. Scroll Wheel Scanning offers a unique and innovative scanning solution using a standard mouse. By using the scroll wheel found on most standard computer mice, the user is able to precisely and quickly control on-screen scanning.

Oska Keyboard
Can be moved anywhere on-screen, allowing greater flexibility when Oska is used. Multiple keyboards can also be run together.

Input Settings
The input methods can be defined and customised for any Oska keyboard. In addition, certain keys can be further defined by the user, allowing users to use Oska in a way that is right for them.

Touch Technology
Oska fully supports touch technology such as touch screen laptops and PCs.

Oska is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Oska allows the user to do everything they would do with a standard keyboard, offering more opportunities to work, learn, play and interact with others on their PC. Oska offers users full access to any software package, giving independence to get on with day to day computer tasks.

Oska Suite - Windows CD-Rom (Single User)
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