FL4SH Scanning Communicator

Change your messages... in a FL4SH! This new AbleNet communicator detects your overlays and automatically plays the right message. No more re-recording or changing levels!

The durable plastic overlays use barcode technology, so FL4SH gives access to a huge number of messages that can be changed in a hurry. The overlays supplied are easy to program with the messages you want. Twelve are included (and one memory module). Additional memory and overlays are available.

Activate FL4SH using the buttons, switches or switch scanning. Choose from automatic scan, step scan and two switch step scan, with auditory scanning options. The activated button lights up too.

Features include:

  • 16 minutes of recording time.
  • Step by step functionality.
  • Adjustable viewing angle.
  • Volume control with lockout feature.
  • Includes a headphone jack, toy/appliance jack and an external messages jack.

The communicator comes complete with built-in overlay storage, a binder for additional overlays, a rechargeable battery pack with AC adaptor, 1 memory module, 12 blank overlay sleeves and 3 QuickStart overlay sleeves. Mounting options are available.

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