Pad Math

Your child will learn in school to master the tricky long division and multi-digit multiplication, addition and subtraction math questions. Make learning and practicing fun and easy with Pad Math - the most flexible and interactive problem solving engine on the iPad.

  • Brilliant animated graphics, animated icons, and sounds
  • A Test Mode which will challenge your math skills. Choose from many options for test generation including: number of test questions, specific operators, number ranges. When you are finished, have the test graded. If any are incorrect, you can choose to review and correct those math questions.
  • An interactive Practice Mode so that the student can practice and see right away any incorrect answer digit as it is being drawn on the board. Sound and a red highlight around the incorrect digit will alert the student to an incorrect digit.
  • Handles flexible problem solving styles. The student can fill in as much or as little intermediate calculations (like carry/borrow notation, intermediate multi-digit multiplication products, or intermediate long division subtractions) since many students have their own styles of solving problems.
  • Full capability multi digit math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).
  • A History pane which tracks performance on the last 10 tests.
  • Four chalk color choices for easy readability.
  • A Preferences screen to choose: the types of math questions to practice (problem generation), the chalk colors, and presentation options.
  • Basic Times and Add Tables are included for reference.

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