Whizzit Words

What's missing in the picture? Let's find out! Touch the letters to spell a word and the missing item will magically appear! Don't worry, Wilton the Weasel is there to help young spellers find the right letters to build the word.
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As your children build words to fill in the missing part of the picture, they will be encouraged by our animated mascot, Wilton the Weasel. They will also be delighted with animated effects such as starbursts and balloons as they progress through the game.

Game features:
- High-quality audio instructions, sound effects, and music
- Lively animated characters and cute graphics
- Simple game design perfect for young hands
- 25 missing items on a variety of backgrounds
- Two game modes: Beginner (3-4 letter words) and Whizzit Whiz (3-6 letter words)

Whizzit Words was developed by an Educational Psychologist and parents of preschoolers for children ages 3 through 6. This fun game teaches letter recognition, word-building, word recognition (25 common words), and problem-solving. Children who can identify some letters of the alphabet are ready to play this game.

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