ChooseIt! Ready-Mades Science Series

These easy-to-use CDs provide a comprehensive range of revision activities.
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ChooseIt! Ready-mades have proved a valuable resource for children with special needs, with a simple and consistent presentation, clear language, switch accessibility and full audio support.

Performance reporting is built-in. Ideal for individual use and for group use on an interactive whiteboard or plasma screen.

With ChooseIt! Maker 2 you can personalise the activities with your own images and sounds. Or simply use each CD on its own!

Foundation Living Things

This CD comprises 32 simple activities which introduce the topics of human beings, animals and plants as well as the world around us.

Living Things

On this CD there are 38 slightly harder activities which develop the knowledge gained from the previous CD for Life Processes and Living Things.


These 30 activities look at materials from everyday life and their properties .

Forces and Electricity

The Physical processes area  is divided into two CDs. This CD has 30 graded activities covering electricity and forces.

Light, Sound and Space

The 31 activities on this CD cover the topics of Earth and Space and Light and Sound. The activities on Space have been extended to give a wider breadth of knowledge to the pupil’s interest in this popular area of science.

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ChooseIt! Ready-Mades Science - Foundation Living Things
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ChooseIt! Ready-Mades Science - Forces and Electricity
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