SofType 4.5

SofType 4.5 is an on-screen keyboard that has been designed specifically for use with English and other languages.
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SofType 4.5 uses the "Input Locals" capability within Windows for specific characters and their keyboard locations in each language. SofType 4.5 and Windows work together to automatically make these keyboard changes once the input locals have been properly configured. If SofType 4.5 is only used with one language, configuration is not required. If multiple languages are used on one machine, then SofType 4.5 will change the keyboard layout as applications associated with different languages are used. When focus is transferred between applications the keyboard will change to the language associated with that application. These changes are handled automatically by Windows and SofType 4.5.

SofType has a built-in dwell selection feature called AutoClick™. When AutoClick is enabled, clicking functions are performed by holding the pointer motionless (dwell) for a programmable length of time.

The Jitter Box feature can be adjusted for a user's capability to control the mouse pointer. Jitter Box is used to enlarge the AutoClick target area and thereby compensate for user instability.

Dragger™ is a toolbar integrated into SofType which allows AutoClick and single-switch users to perform all of the common clicking functions of a two-button mouse. Specific buttons on the Dragger toolbar are associated with the common clicking functions -- Double Click, Left Drag, Right Click and Right Drag. Dragger also has an AutoClick Rest (On/Off) button, which enables and disables AutoClick's dwell feature.

Floating the Dragger toolbar is a very functional way to use Dragger. This will allow you to position Dragger on a seldom-used area of the screen. SofType's keyboard can be hidden and still allow the use of Dragger's dwell feature. This is especially useful while using applications which do not require text entry, such as a web browser or card game like Solitaire.

Word Prediction eliminates keystrokes when words are selected from the word list. As you begin to type, a list of words is displayed in the Word Bar, which match the spelling of the word you type. When your word appears in the list, simply select that word. This feature will automatically complete the word and add a space at the end.

SofType offers a variety of keyboard layouts ranging from a very basic keyboard such as an alphabetic layout to a more comprehensive keyboard such as the Qwerty layout. It is also possible to create your own keyboard layout by using a text editor to edit an existing layout. All aspects of a keyboard layout can be modified. Parameters associated with keys including key size, font size, styles and colors are changed through menu selections, and by dragging the keyboard window edge. Background colors can also be modified using a simple dialog box.

SofType 4.5 is for use with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

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