Mybookshelf: 1 App and 6 Storybooks

Mybookshelf app is a collection of 6 cute original stories perfect for kids aged 2 to 7 with great illustrations. A kid’s book app for iPad which offers a book reading experience for you and your kids.

Kids love great stories and are always asking for one more. With Mybookshelf, a top new book app, your children will be delighted – one app and six books, what every kids parents are looking for.

On opening the app, kids will have a selection of 6 different great stories, all with really nice illustration and great original story line. Stories are varied and all on different subject including  the chase of a wild coconut,  a cute Panda with a rumbling tummy, a little mouse tired of cheese, a snow monkey in the zoo, a little boy who wants to be someone else and a yummy adventure.

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