Daessy Mounting System - M Series

A flexible, adjustable wheelchair mounting system.

General specifications and options:

Frame Clamp - the standard configuration of a mount assembly includes the Frame Clamp Inner Piece 1" standard for attachment to a wheelchair main-frame with round tube. Alternate clamps are available. The M-series Frame Clamp uses the standard DAESSY inner pieces and the RFCR Removable Frame Clamp Receiver which allows the addition of optional parts such as Offset Links and Spacers.

Quick Release - the standard configuration of a M-Series mount assembly includes the Mini Quick Release (MQR-75). An optional Articulating Quick Release (AQR-75) is available. The Articulating Quick Release provides the ability to change the angle and tilt of an attached computer/device.

Maximum computer/device weight: 10lbs (4.5Kg)

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Picture of Mini Adjustable Mount
Mini Adjustable Mount

The Mini Adjustable Mount has several points of adjustment to setup and position the mount. Two rotating joints can be angled and twisted in numerous directions to adjust the 'horizontal' tube position. The Mini Adjustable Mount includes Real-time height adjustment of 9" (23cm), no tools necessary.

Height setup possible between 18" to 31" (46cm-79cm) from the Frame Clamp to 'horizontal' tube position. 

Picture of Mini Folding Mount
Mini Folding Mount

The Mini Folding Mount, as the name suggests, folds the horizontal tube down to the outside. The folding joint between the two mount tubes performs a 2-step folding sequence to bring the tubes parallel. When folded and removed from the chair the Mini Folding Mount is a more compact unit for storage.

Standard configuration dimensions: 14" (35cm) Horizontal Tube, 24"x6" offset (61cmx15cm offset) S-curve Side Tube

Picture of Mini Bent-Tube Mount
Mini Bent-Tube Mount

The Mini Bent-Tube Mount is the most basic mount assembly. A single right-angle bent tube provides a simple support for a communication device or computer. The Mini Bent-Tube Mount is easily removed from the chair.

Standard configuration dimensions: 24" height x 14" horizontal bent-tube.

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