Press to Move

A free switch, mouse and keyboard accessible game.

Press the Space Bar, Enter or the Left Mouse Button to move a picture across the screen.

Great as a cause and effect game and for visual tracking.


  • choose from eight pictures
  • choose the direction - up, down, left or right
  • turn the music on or off
  • choose a black or white background
  • start the game with the picture on or off the screen
  • choose slow, medium or fast movement. The music plays at a speed relative to the movement (i.e. slow movement, slow music).

Use the arrow keys during play to change direction. The music pans in the direction of movement if you choose to move the picture left or right.

Press M during play to return to the Menu.

If you like this game you may be interested in a cause-and-effect programs on CD, HIPP!, which is fully editable so you can use your own pictures and sounds.

Click here to PLAY

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