SoundingBoard 3.0

SoundingBoard transforms your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad into the latest in communication technology. In just minutes, you can create create custom boards.
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  • Scanning switch access
  • Auditory scanning
  • Robust data collection
  • Professionally created boards available for in-app purchase
With version 3.0, SoundingBoard leads the way again with powerful new features:

The first simple AAC app to offer this feature, auditory scanning opens up the app world to people with low vision. Simply record brief auditory prompts for each message location to take advantage of this feature on any board.

Data Collection:
SoundingBoard version 3.0 collects both high level data on the most popular boards and symbols used on your device, but also in depth information on every action. Simply email the data files and open them in your favorite spreadsheet program.

In-App Purchase of Professionally-Created Boards:
SoundingBoard will always allow you to create your own boards, and will always be loaded with a few common boards, but SoundingBoard version 3.0 takes that a step further. We will be offering - through the "in-app purchase" mechanism - professionally-created communication boards. In addition to that, we will soon be launching SoundOff, a user community of people who want to create boards and share them with other SoundingBoard users. Stay tuned for more details to come!

SoundingBoard version 3.0 is packed full of several more enhancements (sound quality, ease of use, and the ability to lock editing functions to name a few).We're sure you'll be excited to explore the new version of the software as much as we were to create it.


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