Simple Speech

Simple Speech is the perfect compliment to your Windows-based touch screen device.

Simple Speech is an augmentative communication software program that utilizes speech-generating technology to allow users to communicate through an array of picture symbols. Simple Speech allows for ease of use by providing a clean and simple interface by which to express wants and needs. Simple Speech offers the flexibility to edit the interface to suit the communicative ability of the user; it can be as simple or as complex as simple as the user needs. Simple Speech allows for an infinitely customizable experience, through the use of its flexible editing tools.

The goal of Simple Speech is simple: to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use speech-generating communication interface that is also a breeze to edit. Intended for those who wish to have a fully featured augmentative communication system for an affordable price, Simple Speech offers a wide array of features for which you would expect to pay much more. Simple Speech is not a watered-down AAC alternative; it is a COMPLETE AAC software solution.

Easily harness the power of Text-to-Speech technology for your communication needs. Create, edit, organize, speak and communicate effectively with Simple Speech.

From the Main Window, you can easily select picture symbols to formulate sentences that will appear in the message box at the top of the screen. When you are ready to speak, simple press the message box. Simple Speech will speak whatever message you create.

Editing is fast and easy with Simple Speech

Easily edit any button in Simple Speech to meet your needs. You can choose a new title, text, and image for each button in speech. Change your button color, or link to a new page.

Do you need a more basic communication solution? You can easily modify buttons to speak entire phrases or sentences when you press them. Best of all, unlike many other augmentative communication software programs, editing could not be easier.

If you can imagine it, you can say with Simple Speech

Use the Image Library to select any of the over 11,000 picture symbols that are supplied with Simple Speech. Just scroll the symbol list, or type in the name of the symbol that you are looking for. There are virtually limitless possibilities with the Simple Speech Image Library.

More Features:

  • Over 11,000 images from the Mayer-Johnson PCS Library*

  • Easy navigation with the 'Home' button. Just push and return to the main page.

  • Unlimited creativity to create your own pages and profiles using the supplied symbol library.

  • Link an unlimited amount of pages to picture buttons for advanced category communication.

  • The auto grammar feature automatically provides you with conjugated verbs and inflected noun forms at the press of a button.

  • Choose to speak every picture symbol as it is pressed (for enhanced auditory feedback.)

  • Use the On-Screen Keyboard, with word prediction, to formulate words and sentences for literate users.

  • Simple Speech comes with 3 profiles presets (12, 24 and 40 buttons, for basic, intermediate and advanced communicators.)

  • Easy on-screen editing for devices without a physical keyboard (i.e. tablet slates.)

  • Special 'Run Mode' locks Simple Speech from undesired user editing.

  • Create a dedicated device by setting Simple Speech to start when Windows starts in 'Run Mode.'

  • Use the Profile Manager to easily copy and delete profiles that you create.

  • Adjust the volume and rate of the Text-to-Speech voice.

  • Perform button actions on touch-down or touch-release.

  • Free updates for the current version of the product.

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