Abilipad combines the functionality of a notepad with word prediction, text-to-speech and a customizable keyboard, putting advanced writing tools within everyone’s reach.
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Our intuitive and user-friendly interface will have you taking notes, creating lesson plans, importing photos and designing customized keyboards in no time. An integrated filing system allows you to create folders to manage your notepads and keyboards.

Our mighty word prediction saves you time by reducing the number of keystrokes needed and increasing your writing speed! It can even expand your written vocabulary by helping you complete words that you may not have attempted.

Choose from a selection of the finest voices to read your text. Hearing what you have written makes it easier to find errors and to edit your work. You can also use Abilipad as a communication device. Finally, you can paste emails, webpages and other text into the notepad and have Abilipad read the text out loud (text to Speech technology powered by Acapela Group).

Our Keyboard Editor gives you the ability to create an infinite selection of keyboard skins to best suit your needs: Merge cells to form larger keys. Enter letters, words or sentences. Select fonts and letter sizes. Choose from an array of colors and color templates that can be applied to the whole keyboard or to select keys. You can even create audio recordings that are played when the key is pressed.

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