TalkTablet NEO

TalkTabletNEO, with three US English NEOSPEECH voices and one Latin American voice (adult only), is a fully-featured AAC speech solution for people who are unable to communicate clearly as a result of Autism, Aphasia, Down Syndrome, Stroke, Laryngectomy or other condition that adversely affects a persons ability to speak.
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TalkTablet NEO uses a breakthrough interface design that simplifies button and page customizing, yet provides a wealth of features and flexibility not seen in current symbol based speech apps. Every button and every page (folder) in TalkTabletNEO has its own settings, allowing different colors, fonts, page layouts and more on any button or page (folder).

TalkTabletNEO includes nearly 12,000 SymbolStix communication symbols, or use the iPad’s camera to take a picture or choose one from your iPad’s photo album. TalkTabletNEO offers four Neospeech voices including three US English voices two female, one male) and one Latin American Spanish voice (female). No child voices. Furthermore, you can record your words and phrases with the built-in audio recording feature.

  • Absolutely simple button and page setup and editing
  • Multiple vocabularies - create separate page sets for multiple users, with password protection.
  • 12,000 high resolution SymbolStix communication symbols.
  • User defined button properties. Each button has it's own colors, border, fonts etc. User defined page (folder) properties. Each page has it's own colors, backgrounds etc..
  • Individualized page layouts from 1 to 200+ buttons/page....on any page.

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