Scene Speak

Scene Speak provides a framework on the iPad to create visual scene displays. This application allows an image can be edited with active “sound areas” that can be selected and used as a means of communication. Images then can added into “books” by theme or area of interest.
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Personalized mages can be uploaded to the app. from your home computer or through an online image search. The images can then be resized and active “sound areas” can be added. The application allows both the number and size of the “sound areas” to be customized. Spoken messages can be added to the “sound areas” by using the Text-To-Speech feature, with one of five preloaded voices, or you can record your own voice to the “sound areas”.

Once a visual scene is created with active sound areas, scenes can be added into “Books”. Books can be created and images grouped into the book by a specific theme or area of interest. Multiple books can be created within the book library and as many visual scenes as needed added into the “book”. For example: you may want to create a “Book” titled “My Home”. Within that book may want to include images of different rooms in the home. Within those images you can add “sound areas” to label different objects or people that are represented in those images. A bedroom scene may say, “go to bed” when the bed is touched or “read a book” when a bookcase is touched.

Features include:
  • The ability to add your own personalized images from your home computer. Use the iPad 2 camera to take on-demand images to add directly into the app.
  • Search and add images from the built in internet image search feature.
  • Ability to crop and resize images.
  • Record your own voice to the “sound areas” or
  • Use one of the five preloaded voices in the TTS feature.
  • The size of the “sound areas” can be enlarged as needed.
  • Add multiple “sound areas” to one image
  • Multiple visual scenes can be grouped into books.
  • Multiple books can be stored in the app’s Library for future use.
  • Pages in the book can be locked/unlocked as needed.

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